Parents are requested not to accompany their children into the school yard in the morning, unless for a specific reason e.g. to pay dinner money on a Monday morning.  If they need to speak to the head teacher or teachers regarding an urgent matter, we will facilitate this if possible. The school operates an open door policy as far as safeguarding allows, and we are sure that you will appreciate that we have your child’s safety and wellbeing at heart at all times. Urgent or pressing matters will be dealt with immediately by an available member of staff.  If the matter is not urgent, an appointment can be made at a mutually convenient time. All members of staff, including the headteacher, will endeavour to be at the school gate to greet pupils and parents at the beginning of the school day.  If some staff have other commitments, other members of staff will be present at the gate. We ask you to be tolerant of the fact that we are a small number of staff.

Playtime/Activities on the yard

During playtime, or when there are outdoor group/whole school activities on the yard, the main school gate will be padlocked.  As pupils are constantly supervised whilst outside, any visitor will have to present themselves to a member of staff before the gate is unlocked.

 They will then be escorted to the front door to sign in as above.

 There are  always 2 adults supervising at every playtime.

 Any accident is dealt with in accordance with school policy. All staff have appropriate First Aid training.

 Any issues or arguments amongst pupils are dealt with appropriately according to the school's Behaviour Policy and PSE Policy.

 Attendance Register

The attendance register is taken between 9am and 9.10a.m. Absences are recorded as per the Attendance Policy.  The register closes at 9.15a.m. Any pupil arriving after 9.15 are registered as Late (L). Any pupil arriving later than9.15a.m, unless there is a valid reason, will be marked as unauthorised absence. No child should enter the school premises before 8.45am.

The attendance register for the afternoon is taken immediately the pupils come in from lunch break.


Pupils are supervised at all times during the lunch hour.

Leaving the school

At 3.15pm the  school door and front gate are unlocked and all the pupils leave the building accompanied by their teachers. Pupils line up in an orderly manner according to age.

Pupils names are called as parents arrive at the gate. Only when a teacher tells them do they exit the gate to awaiting parent/guardian. A member of staff escorts the relevant pupils to the taxi.

Parents are actively discouraged from loitering or chatting after they have been handed their child/children by a member of staff as this can cause a safety hazard on the road.

Parents are regularly reminded to be punctual at the end of the school day

Any pupil not picked up promptly will be supervised by a member of staff until they are fetched. Staff will phone to seek clarification if parents are more than 10 minutes late.

Child Protection Policy 

Click here to read the school Child protection policy and guidance.